WILD LIFE Hamilton Island

Resort Drive

Hamilton Island

QLD 4803



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A commitment to


The WILD LIFE Conservation Fund is committed to protecting Australia's unique terrestrial animals and their habitats.

Our Conservation Commitments

WLCF is dedicated to conserving Australian native wildlife by funding research and conducting educational programs and events. Through these actions we aim to give people an understanding of their place in the natural world and their need for individual and collective action for a sustainable future.



At WLCF we believe in conservation through education. Working with WLCF we have the unique opportunity to impart conservation messages upon thousands each year. We can bring our guests face to face with live animals that can be seen, heard, smelt and, occasionally, touched.  This can inspire interest and wonder and can create experiences that make people want to take action to conserve native wildlife.


The animals that call WILD LIFE Hamilton Island home act as fundraising ambassadors for their wild counterparts. Funds raised through WLCF go directly towards research, education and conservation projects, which aim to ensure a sustainable future for Australian landscapes and the animals within them.

WILD LIFE Conservation Fund are an independent not-for-profit organization.

For enquiries about WILD LIFE Conservation Fund, email info@wildlifeconservationfund.com.au